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Investment Policy

LDI – A Brave New World of Fiduciary Issues

Liability-driven investing is a radical departure from conventional asset-maximizing strategies.

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Birds of Many Feathers

For many years, institutional investors—i.e., pension plans, endowments, and foundations—have followed investment policies based on a conventional 60/40 blend of equity and fixed income securities.

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Frozen Alive – Managing a Frozen Pension Plan

Freezing a pension plan forces fiduciaries to change their habits, posing new management challenges in the areas of investment policy, oversight practices, and staffing.

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Implementing LDI – Not a Day at the Beach

The theoretical promise of LDI must be matched by excellence in implementation

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Comprehensive Asset Liability Management – CALM

In a complex healthcare institution with multiple investment pools, balancing investment and operational risks in a coordinated way is paramount.

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Implementing Portable Alpha Strategies

Fiduciaries have several means of implementing portable alpha strategies; a framework for thinking about each approach’s pros and cons can be useful.

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