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Fiduciary Insights

Governance & Outsourcing

Building Blocks and Costs of an Internal Investment Office

This edition considers the core functions and costs of an internal investment office for institutional investors.

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Sleight of Hand Tricks: A Cautionary Tale of OCIO Searches Gone Wrong

This edition reveals the conflicts and tricks that we regularly observe, and points out key areas to probe when considering engaging an OCIO as a co-fiduciary partner.

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Investment Policy

Comprehensive Asset Liability Management - CALM

This edition explores the main elements of the CALM approach in the context of the special challenges faced by healthcare systems. 

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Investment & Risk Management

Climbing to the Top: Approaches and Outlook for Active Management in Institutional Portfolios

This edition addresses active management and how careful manager selection has the potential to generate meaningful alpha.

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How Many Eggs? How Many Baskets? 

This edition analyzes the topic of diversification of active risk within a multi-manager portfolio.

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