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Our Approach

Strategic Investment Group is an outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) industry pioneer, purpose-built to provide sophisticated, customized investment solutions to a select group of clients.

From developing and implementing strategic asset allocation policies to providing a full range of back-office support, Strategic handles the day-to-day tasks of investment management, allowing clients to focus on their core mission.

We offer customized investment solutions because no two institutions have the same investment objectives, mission, strategic direction, and ability to bear risk. We understand the need to practice sound investment governance to avoid high manager turnover, lackluster performance, and excessive costs. Consistently strong investment performance is impossible without sound governance.

No single investment manager can maximize returns across all asset classes. Our open-architecture structure allows us to access what we believe to be the best money managers in the world.

Strategic has delivered for our clients: we have helped them achieve their objectives through our experience, insight, discipline, efficiency, cost-consciousness, and sound governance. Over the past three decades, we have built a client-centric, team-oriented culture based on these attributes and, by doing so, offer the best and most complete package of OCIO services available.

These values have been key to Strategic’s success since our founding in 1987, and they inspire our team of 95 professionals every day.