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Alignment with Our Clients

Strategic was purpose-built to provide organizations with a better alternative to hiring an internal staff.

Our singular focus—with no structural conflicts—helps us maintain our commitment to collaboration and transparency. 100% of our revenue comes from our OCIO business. This is all we do.

The structure of our client relationships guarantees that Strategic cannot earn additional revenue based on selective allocations or manager selection.

Our open-architecture approach to manager selection is key to developing customized portfolios for each client. We continually search for the best talent across the full range of traditional and alternative asset classes.

The stability, cohesiveness and collegiality of our investment leadership team, and its multi-decade relationships give our clients access to highly sought-after managers.

Strategic’s allocation procedure ensures fairness in how we grant access to capacity-constrained managers.

We care deeply about good governance, which is the foundation of investment success. In fact, you could even say we wrote the book on it. 

Some of the topics covered in the book include

  • The importance of understanding enterprise risk when setting investment strategies
  • How to preserve institutional memory, yet welcome new ideas on the committee
  • How to optimize the limited in-person time of the committee
  • Communication strategies to keep all key stakeholders informed and engaged
  • Implementing committee requirements
  • The importance of fundraising to building a sizeable endowment and the resulting increased engagement and scrutiny of donors
  • Optimal committee size and background of members
  • The importance of clearly defining roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in endowment management
  • Key considerations when selecting any investment arrangements (OCIO, internal CIO, consultant, managers)
  • Defining relevant objectives, peers, and benchmarks