Why Strategic?

We aim to build enduring partnerships with our clients, characterized by a rigorous investment process, sound governance framework, and world-class client service.


Long-Term Focus on Superior Outsourcing Solutions

Founded more than 30 years ago, Strategic Investment Group has always focused on offering superior fiduciary investment outsourcing solutions designed to deliver sustainable net-of-fee excess returns.

Customized Value-Added Solutions

We design and implement customized outsourced CIO solutions, acting as a co-fiduciary with our clients.  We are committed to a business model based on customized value-added client relationships, not turnkey asset gathering.  We are fortunate to have attracted a deep bench of seasoned professionals spanning all investment disciplines, and have developed the analytical tools needed to craft customized solutions.

Committed Staff, Collegial Culture

We are experienced investment professionals.  We have worked together for many years, with an unwavering commitment to the task of managing multi-asset class portfolios.  We have a deep understanding of the role and responsibilities of a fiduciary.  Our culture is one of intellectual curiosity, innovation, creativity, integrity, and teamwork.

Sound Governance

We believe that sound governance, clear accountability and effective decision-making are precursors of superior performance.  We have observed with lamentable frequency the symptoms of poor investment governance—high manager turnover, performance-chasing, rigid decision-making rules, misplaced priorities, excessive costs, inconsistent decision-making, conflicts of interest, a beauty contest approach to picking managers, and a paint-by-numbers approach to asset class structure—and have realized that without sound governance, strong investment performance is impossible.

Absence of Conflict

We are compensated only by our clients, and, unlike many competitors, do not face conflicts related to selling services, such as database access, brokerage, or investment banking.  This conflict-free business model liberates us to focus on clear and unbiased decision-making.  Aligning our interests with those of our clients is a fundamental basis of building an enduring partnership.

Open Architecture

We believe that an open architecture platform is the best way to provide the broadest possible opportunity set for adding value through manager selection, to facilitate customization, and to ensure an alignment of interests with our clients.

Direct Trading Capacity

In areas where we believe the potential for value added is limited, Strategic directly manages passive investments—including U.S. Treasuries, TIPS, derivatives (e.g., futures and swaps), and ETFs.  Our direct trading capabilities complement our open architecture platform of active managers to control costs and make us more agile and efficient.

Seamless Extension of Our Clients

We serve as the investment office and co-fiduciary of our clients, becoming a seamless extension of their resources and an integral part of their internal team.  With the benefit of our full range of investment and back-office services, our clients are free to focus on their core missions while we focus on providing the highly specialized portfolio management expertise that they need to meet their investment goals.

Strong Track Record

We have a long-standing, live performance record of our active management of complex, multi-asset class, institutional portfolios.  We believe our strong track record offers compelling evidence of the strength of our investment capabilities.