Our History

In 1987, executives from the in-house investment team at the World Bank left to form Strategic Investment Group. They saw the need for a new and different kind of firm to help institutions manage growing asset pools in a complex and often inhospitable environment. They recruited experienced, insightful investment professionals and built operational and analytical systems to manage complex portfolios, something the majority of institutions with large pools of assets often lacked. Moreover, they reasoned that Strategic could be a more cost-effective solution for institutional investors than the alternative of developing in-house expertise, since the firm could spread resources and costs over an expanded client and asset base.

Strategic’s founding partners understood the complex role of a fiduciary and founded the firm as a purpose-built organization that partners with clients to provide sophisticated, customized investment solutions. A pioneer in the outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) services industry, Strategic adopted an OCIO model based on customized discretionary global investment management services across all asset classes. It has adopted an open architecture structure as a means to access what they believe to be the best money managers in the world for clients. They knew that no single investment manager could maximize returns across all asset classes and strategies and attempting to do so could lock clients into suboptimal solutions.

From the start, Strategic developed customized investment solutions to account for the fact that no two institutions have the same investment objectives, core mission, strategic direction, and ability to bear risk. The firm has also always understood the need to practice sound investment governance to avoid the symptoms of poor governance—high manager turnover, lackluster performance, and excessive costs. Without sound governance, they realized that achieving consistently strong investment performance was impossible.

Strategic thrives because it believes that experience, insight, discipline, efficiency, cost-consciousness, and sound governance drive our investment returns. Over the past 30 years, the firm has built a client-centric, team-oriented culture predicated on these factors and, in doing so, has offered the best and most complete package of outsourced CIO services available. It is committed to further refining this model in the years to come.